Our shared value approach is based on the understanding that sustainable value creation requires that the interests of all stakeholders are addressed and ultimately benefits the society at large.

Central to our approach is:

  • Broader conception of value creation
  • Focusses on connections between economic and societal progress
  • Aims to enhance competitiveness while simultaneously advancing economic and social conditions of communities
  • Requires looking at business decisions and opportunities through the lens of shared value
  • Leads to new approaches that generate greater innovation and growth

We are committed to moving away from traditional stakeholder trade-offs to create shared value and meaningful relationships. We aim to enhance business competitiveness while simultaneously advancing social and environmental outcomes. The Barloworld Way of doing business focuses on developing and maintaining mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

Our balanced ambition is to create shared value for all stakeholders, while recognising the primacy of shareholders as the owners of the company as well as the fact that value creation for all stakeholders is in turn predicated on our ability to create a profitable, thriving, resilient and durable organisation.

We strive to be a company that is not only financially successful but also one that makes a positive difference to achieving sustainable economic, social and environmental outcomes within our various spheres of operation and is respected by society and the communities where we operate. This ambition includes:

  • top quartile returns for our shareholders
  • Attracting, developing, retaining and rewarding talented and diverse employees
  • Achieving market leadership by delivering innovative solutions that help our customers succeed
  • Strategically aligning with our principals and being recognised as a top performer. Treating our suppliers fairly and expecting them to commit to our ethical principles
  • Being respected members of society and communities where we operate
  • Taking care of the environment through responsible and ethical business practices

We aim to create value, ethics, practices and attitudes that are shared with our stakeholders, and believe that sustainability is an interlinking and intricate web of these values, practices, attitudes and relationships.

Long-term value creation has always been central to our way of operating. The adoption of a Value Based philosophy in 1999 allowed us to formalise our approach which has evolved into our Shared Value approach that we are entrenching into the group’s strategic framework, management structures and operational processes.

The interests of our stakeholders are factored into our business operations and the management of our economic, social and environmental issues. We believe in creating shared value and meaningful relationships through in-depth planning and rigorous relationship management programmes.

We are committed to responsible citizenship and long-term value creation for all our stakeholders, and we manage our business in an integrated manner, embraced by a strong governance environment which is underpinned by our Barloworld Worldwide Code of Conduct.