Our approach to stakeholder management is to deliver value for stakeholders and contribute meaningfully to the societies in which we operate from a foundation of trust-based relationships. Ongoing engagement is conducted with each group of stakeholders according to the priorities of each specific group, depending on developments in their operating context.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Approach:

  • An inclusive approach: consulting with stakeholders to develop and achieve an accountable and strategic response to sustainability.
  • Materiality: determining the relevance and significance of issues to both the Group and its stakeholders. The materiality of issues concerns the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders in the context of the legal and strategic considerations of the business.
  • Responding appropriately to stakeholder issues through decisions, actions, performance and communication. We maintain a comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Map, where we identify our stakeholders based on their power of influence on our business decision-making processes and our strategic levers and medium term goals. While we engage with all our stakeholders we have, based on this assessment, categorised the intensity of the engagement with the respective stakeholders which varies from high touch (e.g. daily/monthly), medium touch (monthly), to low touch (a few times per annum).