Water conservation

A number of water saving initiatives have been introduced in water scarce regions. These included rain water harvesting, drilling, registration and licensing of the abstraction of water from boreholes in RSA, waterless urinals and installation of water efficient taps and showers. The construction of the closed-loop system wash-bays resulted in the recycling of 2019 kl of potable water withdrawn this current FY. Two new additional wash-bays in Bellville and East London and a water recycling plant in Namibia have been constructed to address water and oil recycling issues

The Bellville wash-bay has been in operation for 3 months and the table below indicates the envisaged total water usage and savings.

High use Low use
Water use
TOTAL Water Use (L/month) 541 200 TOTAL Water Use (L/month)      270 600
TOTAL Water Use (L/Year)     6 494 400 TOTAL Water Use (L/Year)   3 247 200
Water savings
TOTAL Water Savings (L/month)        324 720 TOTAL Water Savings (L/month)      162 360
TOTAL Water Savings (L/year)     3 896 640 TOTAL Water Savings (L/year)   1 948 320
TOTAL Water Savings (%) 60% TOTAL Water Savings (%) 60%
TOTAL Water Use (L/month)   405 900
TOTAL Water Use (L/Year)   4 870 800
The East London wash-bay is approximately 20 - 30% lower than Bellville due to lower duty.


Bellville Wash-bay

East London Wash-bay

Namibia Water Recycling Plant

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